We simplify the
complex world of

Our blend of technology, strategy, analysis and services power
data-marketing programs that empower our clients to
monetize their data.

Your customers are your
most valuable asset.

The fundamental building block of successful data-marketing is a comprehensive customer profile. Our technology captures and connects data from all digital touch points and platforms including socials, brand-owned channels, commerce, and more.

The result is a simple, yet comprehensive view of a customer. These profiles serve as the base for discovery of unparalleled insights and value.

Business goals drive data-marketing results.

Our team of strategist and analysts work hand-in-hand with our clients to identify key business goals providing in depth analysis. Starting with your unique business goals, we synthesize insights and analysis from your data and craft solutions that meet your biggest challenges. We combine our suite of analysis tools with our team of strategists and analysts, working hand-in-hand with our clients to create multiple layers of value across your organization. Whatever the goal, the Checkd.in platform presents a unique value that directly answers the question "now that I have the data, how does my business leverage it smartly to drive better results?".

Spread the impact of data-marketing
across your enterprise.

Our clients are leveraging our platform and services to evangelize amazing results from their data-marketing programs across their enterprise. No matter the challenge, from increased sales and more efficient marketing spends, to developing new products and better business intelligence - our clients are using Checkd.in to deliver solutions that impact tactical results and strategic vision across their enterprise.

It takes a unique bunch to deliver
on the promise of data.
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